Submitted by:  Melissa Cowan 27/01/2018

Thank you for this amazing product and excellent delivery service. I have a very happy pre natal client who received her treatment using this product and had great positive feedback on how comfortable and supported she felt using it.

As a therapist allowed me to offer a more comfortable treatment to my client and allow me a better position to treat back and shoulders.

5 star rating! Thank you Lavendar Fields Massage


Submitted By: Roisin Cairns 12/06/2015

'I had my first pregnant lady use it the other night and felt it great. She herself is a physiotherapist and pregnancy yoga instructor so is interested in the KIH bed.' The Little House of Calm


Submitted By: Dena Schwartz on 17/02/2015

'I have used the KIH bed for two of my pregnant ladies so far and they have both loved it! They feel so comfortable and well supported. They can't wait for their next appointments!  Thank you for making such a brilliant product!' The Holistic Approach


Submitted By: Melissa Folly on 05/11/2014

'I bought a KIH Bed from Julie earlier this year and have been very impressed with the quality and comfort of the product. As a Chiropractor I often treat ladies in variable stages of pregnancy and the double layer to the pillow allows a fantastic transition between stages. The removable covers are great and easy to remove and wash. I would highly recommend Julie and her KIH pregnancy products. From Melissa Folly at Shires Chiropractic Clinic.'


Submitted By: Reflexologist K on 31/10/2014

'....As a reflexologist (now retired) I have used the KIH bed to treat clients and the results were amazing, no uncomfortable fidgeting, total relaxation...'


Submitted By: Natalie Kent - Beauty Box on 18/10/2014

'Julie is an inspiration!! The KIH bed is a fab invention.It helped me out no end when I was pregnant.i was so impressed that I use it in my salon for expectant mums who desperately need a massage.They love the fact they can lie on their front even though they are heavily pregnant. I love this product its fabulous!!'  Beauty Box


Submitted By: Nicola Hill on 20/07/2013

'I used the KIH Bed to perform a full back massage on my pregnant client in her third trimester and she was very comfortable.  I was even able to wax the back of her legs without any problem.  Great.' Visit Site